Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past – Chief Justice tells Judges

Photo credit: The Presidency

Ghana’s Chief Justice, Her Ladyship, Sophia A.B. Akuffo, has reminded Judges not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and instead commit to doing their best, to ensure that the administration of justice in Ghana delivers excellence at all levels of the courts.

Speaking on the theme for the Legal Year, ‘Quality Judges, Delivering Quality Justice’, at the 60th Legal Year Service in Accra, Her Ladyship said the theme has been carefully chosen to underscore the critical standard for Judges in the administration of justice. She noted that Judges are at the heart of the justice delivery system.

Her Ladyship added that a competent and knowledgeable judge who has a clear understanding of the law and its nuances will apply the law in a manner that produces a fair and equitable outcome in any dispute.

She observed that quality justice is the product of sound legal training and continuous judicial education.

She also said that equally important was the need for judges to demonstrate the core values of judicial independence, impartiality, integrity, propriety, equality, competence and diligence.

Her Ladyship indicated that beyond that, the support systems and inter-linkages between various institutions in the justice sector that underpin the administration of justice, must run effectively and efficiently, to produce a quality justice delivery system.

She assured that the goal of delivering quality justice is one that her administration will keenly focus on. She added that her administration will continue to make the right investments in the key areas, especially in information communication technology, to make this goal achievable.

Her Ladyship urged the judges to continue to defend and protect the law at all times, and deliver quality justice to all who come before them.


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