Ghana’s Parliament passes the African Union Import Levy Bill


The African Union Import Levy Bill, 2017 has been passed by Ghana’s Parliament.

The Bill sought to impose an African Union Import Levy of 0.2% (zero point two percent) on imports to finance the activities of the African Union.

The Memorandum to the Bill states that currently African countries pay their assessed contributions through the national budget. It adds that the Union takes the view that such an arrangement makes the payment of subscriptions unreliable.

It further indicates that Heads of Government of the Union subsequently passed a resolution which requires Member States to impose a levy on imports to finance the activities of the Ghana J. The Bill was in response to that resolution.

The Memorandum also stipulates that the expected revenue is ninety million Ghana Cedis for the year 2018. It adds that revenue accrued will be used to finance Ghana’s subscription obligations and other expenditures related to Ghana’s membership of the African Union.


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