Protect reputation of Judiciary: CJ to Judges

Photo credit: The Presidency

The Chief Justice, Justice Sophia Akuffo, has called on the judges to work hard to win back public trust in the judiciary system.

Speaking at the annual Chief Justice’s forum held in Kumasi on Monday, November 20, 2017 under the theme: ” quality Judges, delivering quality justice”, she said a high quality judiciary is reflected in a high degree of public trust.

She, therefore, urged the judges to stick to their code of ethics and make sure the reputation of the judicial system is not dented.

Mrs Akuffo noted that a full integrated system seamlessly linking all the various levels of courts through the application of technology and e-government system were being introduced.

She said the purpose of it was to put Information Communication Technology at the front centre of court administration in a manner that links all levels of court in real-time.

The Chief Justice said the judicial service is collaborating with the Ministry of Energy on a project to provide all district courts with solar powered energy to reduce court’s reliance on conventional electricity supply and hence reduce increasing utility bills.

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