No ‘knockouts’ this Christmas – Police warn


Police say in accordance with a special law that was passed in 1999, the use of explosives has been banned during this festive season.

In a public notice issued Wednesday evening, the Ghana Police Service said it will enforce the provisions of the Executive Instrument (E.I) 21 of 1999, which prohibits the manufacture, possession and use of firecrackers (Knockouts), display shells, artillery shells and ball and canister shells.

“The Service wishes to state that to ensure strict compliance with this provision, personnel deployed for law enforcement duties during this Christmas period have been charged to arrest any person or group of persons who act contrary to this Instrument for prosecution,” said the release signed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Eklu.

The use firecrackers during Christmas is a common feature in Ghana, however, irresponsible use of the explosives have resulted in the fires.

Vehicles and houses have gone up in flames due to the abuse of firecrackers.

Some people have also sustained injuries after poorly handling the explosives.

Parliament in 1999 adopted the report on the legislative instrument (LI) backing the prohibition of the importation of certain firecrackers and display shells.

The LI, “Export and Import (prohibition of Importation) 1999”, confers on the Minister of Trade the power to ban the importation of Firecrackers (knockouts), display shells, artillery shells and ball and canister shells.

It took effect from Thursday, December 16, 1999.

Offenders are liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding five million cedis or a term of imprisonment not exceeding a year or both.

The LI, which resulted in a heated and lengthy debate, was to give legal effect to an earlier Executive Instrument issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in July.

Some MPs at the time had said the LI would hurt the business community because it was not properly consulted on the issue.

Firecrackers notice



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