Parliament passes Tax Amnesty Bill to forgive taxpayers who have not registered with the GRA


Ghana’s Parliament has passed the Tax Amnesty Bill, 2017 to forgive taxpayers who have not registered with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

The purpose of the Bill was to grant amnesty to persons who failed to register with the GRA or failed to file their tax returns or to pay taxes as required by enactments administered by the Commissioner-General.

Prior to its passage, the Deputy Minister for Finance, Mr. Kwaku Kwarteng informed Parliament that a significant number of taxpayers fail to file returns with average filling rates falling below fifty percent (50%).

He said the government is introducing this amnesty to exempt taxpayers who register and file returns within the targeted period from paying penalties and interests for late submission or non-submission of returns as well as non-payment of taxes.

He added that the Bill also sought to forgive taxpayers who have not registered with the GRA. He urged prospective taxpayers to register with the GRA during the amnesty period.

The Minister also told the House that as per the 2018 Budget Statement, the government’s policy is to reduce taxes for the ordinary Ghanaians. He added that this could be achieved if the tax base is broadened. He reiterated that the measure therefore is to help broaden the tax base and improve compliance.

Source: Ghanajustice/N.Cudjoe


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