CJRA content with Supreme Court decision on pre-trial disclosure


Members of the Criminal Justice Reform Association (CJRA) have welcomed the recent Supreme Court decision on pre-trial disclosures, in the case of The Republic v. Eugene Baffoe Bonnie and four others.


According to a statement by the CJRA, the ruling is a huge step in the right direction and the Association has commended the Justices of the apex court for their wisdom.

They added that the ruling is good for Ghana’s democracy and will translate into benefits in so many other areas of the national lives of citizens.

According to the Association, pre-trial disclosures have been one of the reforms that they have, through various media platforms, research, publication and legal advocacy, drawn attention to and was one of the key
highlights of their 20th December, 2017, petition to the Attorney General and Minister for Justice.

In conclusion, they referred to the High Court order in the case of Martin Kpebu v. Attorney General, where the High Court ordered that the State should implement the Victims of Domestic Violence Support Fund which was established under the Domestic Violence Act, 2007 (Act Act 732).

They lamented that there had not been any action on the part of government in this regard.

They expressed hope that the government would take immediate steps to addressing the issue.

Source: GhanaJustice/F.Kyerematen