Parliament finally approves US$90 million loan facility for Bunso campus


Parliament has finally approved a US$90 million loan facility from the Export and Import (EXIM) Bank of Korea for the Establishment of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development satellite campus at Bonsu.


After the motion on a committee report was moved and seconded by the house, the Speaker of Parliament, Mike Oquaye conducted a vote on the motion.

He requested a head count and grounded his decision on Order 112 (1) and 112(2) of the Parliamentary Standing Orders.

The house recorded 125 members from the majority side agreeing to the loan facility whilst 75 members on the minority side rejected the loan facility agreement.

The total number of members present was 200, representing about 73 percent of Parliamentarians.

Order 112 of the Standing Orders of Parliament

According to Order 112 (1) of the Parliamentary Standing Orders, When a Question has been put by Mr. Speaker at the conclusion of a debate,
the votes shall be taken by voices “Aye” and “ No”, provided that Mr. Speaker may in his
discretion, instead of declaring the result on the voice votes, call for a headcount.

(2) A Member may call for headcount or division if the opinion of Mr. Speaker on
the voice vote is challenged.

(3) In the case of a headcount Mr. Speaker shall take the vote of the House by
calling upon Members who support or oppose his decision successively to rise in their

(4) A Member may vote in a division even if he did not hear the Question put.

(5) A Member is not obliged to vote.

Statutory basis of the establishment of the university campuses

Section 3  of the University for Environment and Sustainable Development Act, 2015 (Act 898), states that “the University shall be established in Somanya with campuses in Donkorkrom and any other places as the Council may determine”

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi


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