Third Prosecution Witness testifies in Major Mahama trial

Major Maxwell Mahama
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The third Prosecution Witness in the murder trial of Major Maxwell Mahama, Mr. Kwame Adjei, has testified in court today.


In his testimony, Mr. Adjei, a farmer and a trader in diesel, narrated that on the morning of 29th May, 2017, he was at the roadside at Denkyira Obuasi selling his diesel when he saw two motorbikes pass by.

According to the witness, the first motorbike was being ridden by one Yaw Amankwah, while the second was being ridden by William Baah a.k.a Assembly man (the first Accused ) and Kwesi Boah another Accused person in this case.

The third Prosecution Witness added that after the two motorbikes passed, he heard people shout “thief thief” and he also took his motorbike towards where the shouts were coming from.

Mr. Adjei said that on his way he met Major Mahama at Obuasi cemetery and the deceased pleaded with him to take him away on his(Mr. Adjei) motorbike.

“Whilst he was pleading I heard a gunshot from behind me and when I turned to see who fired, I saw Yaw Amankwah holding a gun and Akwasi Boah”, the witness said.

According to the witness, Major Mahama and the said Yes Amankwah exchanged gunshots, but because of the distance between both of them, the bullets did not hit either of them.

Mr. Kwame Adjei said that he ran into the bush and after Major Mahama and Yaw Amankwah stopped firing at each other, he saw Major Mahama running away.

The witness narrated that when Major Mahama was running he followed him with his motorbike and met him at Denkyira Obuasi Junction, where the deceased pleaded with him to take him away.

According to Mr. Adjei, he was afraid to take Major Mahama on his motorbike because he had a gun on him so he told Major Mahama that since he was a thief, he should give his weapon to him (Kwame Adjei) before he would allow him on board his motorcycle but Major Mahama did not give him the gun, so he left him there and went to his workplace.

“After I saw Diaso Police and followed them with my motorbike to Denkyira Obuasi. It was there that I found out that Major Mahama had been killed”, Mr. Adjei said.

The witness said that on that same day at about 4pm, they heard in the town that Major Mahama was not a thief but a soldier.

According Mr. Adjei, people started running out of the town as a result of this and he together with his wife and children fled to his farm to spend the night.

The witness added that the following day, he gave his wife and children money to go to his wife’s hometown and left to seek refuge in a cottage in a forest.

According to the witness, after sometime, there was an announcement that everyone should return to town but he being afraid, reported himself to the Diaso Police, even though he did not take part in the killing of Major Mahama.

The witness concluded by saying that the Diaso Police took his statement and he was detained for three days before taken to Accra.

After his testimony, Mr. Kwame Adjei was cross examined by Mr. Augustine Obour and Mr. Seidu Nasigri.

The Court presided over by Her Ladyship, Justice Mariama Owusu has adjourned the case to 24th July, 2018 for cross examination to continue.

Source: GhanaJustice/F.Kyerematen


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