Forged documents, our major challenge in the embassy – China Ambassador to Ghana


The China Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Shi Ting Wang, has explained that the major challenge of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana is forged travelling documents from some Ghanaians, seeking to travel to China.


Mr. Ting Wang indicated that some Ghanaian visa applicants forge bank statements and invitation letters, being the major contributory factor for the denial of visas to some Ghanaians.

In his speech at the conference room of the Speaker of Parliament, the China Ambassador to Ghana stated that there is always a long queue at the visa section, which puts much pressure on the embassy.

Leading a delegation on a courtesy visit to the leadership of Parliament, Mr. Ting Wang stated that “Ghana’s population is not huge as Nigeria but the number of Ghanaians seeking to travel to China is almost equal to the number of Nigerian travellers . Our problem is not the huge number seeking to go to China. Our major problem in the embassy is forged documents from some Ghanaians. They forge bank statements, invitation letters amongst others”.

He however suggested that China’s law enforcement agencies will work closely with Ghana to help reduce the number of fake documents.

On China’s contribution to the economy, Mr. Ting Wang asserted that China will continue to support Ghana in areas of government concern.

“We will support the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo with the policy of one District one Factory and one Village one Dam project. We will work closely with Ghana for the country’s development”, he informed the Speaker.

In his concluding statement, Mr. Ting Wang indicated that Ghana has signed eight different agreements with China, including the Sinohydro agreement, which has received much backslash from the Minority in Parliament.

Speaker of Parliament’s contributions

The Speaker of Parliament, Rev. Prof. Mike Oquaye, emphasised that Ghana will continue to work closely with China for the development of some sectors of the economy.

Making a submission on the statement of the China Ambassador, Prof. Oquaye reiterated that Parliament has decided to shift away from a spending institution to a finance-generating institution.

He stated that “the board of the Parliamentary service has taken a decision to look at investment areas. China can help parliament with these areas to perform better. We will be glad if our young parliamentarians who form the Ghana-China Friendship Association in Parliament (GCFAP) will work to invite China investors to Parliament in helping to strengthen the institution and avoid depending on the government for support “.

On the building of the new chamber of Parliament and the renovation of existing structures, prof. Oquaye hinted that the Parliamentary service is looking forward to award the contract to China contractors.

Majority Leader’s submission

The Majority Leader and Member of Parliament for Suame, Mr. Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu, pointed out that there is a huge deficit in infrastructure and the government is working closely to reduce it across the country.

He stated that Ghana’s partnership with China will focus on building the railway sector to decongest the roads and ease traffic.

Mr. Osei-Bonsu revealed that the Sinohydro agreement will help in reviving the aluminum-bauxite industry, capable of providing employment to the youth in the country.

The Minority Leader’s reaction

The Minority Leader and Member of Parliament for Tamale South, Mr. Haruna Iddrisu, stated that the House will remain committed in strengthening and deepening the bond between the two countries.

In his submission, he added that the trade relations between Ghana and China stands at US $5.6 billion and that, Ghana’s export to China stands at US$1. 4 billion out of the total amount of the trade relations.

“Some of our traders travel to China purposely to engage in international trade. They have no intentions of staying in your country. We want your embassy to give them fair treatment. The delays at the embassy in issuance of visas need to be looked at. They should be given some level of respect”, he lamented.

He told the China delegation that Parliament needs an enhancement in the fibre infrastructure to deliver its mandates effectively.

He appealed to the China Ambassador to support Parliament in subscribing to the new 5G LIT technology for speedy internet.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi


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