Parliament’s recall: Matters for urgent discussion for the five days sitting


The House of Parliament has been recalled pursuant to Order 42(3) of the Standing Orders of Parliament. The Business Committee accordingly met on Monday, September 24, 2018 and arranged Business of the House for the Emergency Meeting ending Friday, September 28, 2018.


The House is expected to consider amongst others, some five urgent matters.

The House will consider the approval of the President’s nomination of persons for the appointment as Justices to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court Bench.

The House will again consider the receipt of the communication in respect of the President’s nomination of persons for the appointment as Ministers and Deputy Ministers, and consideration of same by the House.

This is to ensure that the ‘yet to approve’ Ministers assume their offices to oversee the preparation of the respective sector ministries’ budgets to feed into the presentation of the National Budget in November 2018.

Consideration and passing of the Minerals Income Investment Fund Bill, 2018 for the full implementation of the 2018 Budget will also be discussed on the floor of Parliament.

The House will further consider the Supplier’s Credit Agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Federal Republic of Brazil for an amount of US$95,450,000 to finance the Establishment and Strengthening of Agricultural and Mechanisation Service Centres (AMSECs).

In continuation, the House is expected to finally consider the unfinished work of the Right to Information Bill, 2018, at the consideration stage.

Subject to speedy progress of work on the five urgent matters to be discussed and the extent of deliberations at the Committee on Mines and Energy, the House may also consider the Novation and Amendment Agreement to the Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) Agreement between the Government of Ghana, and Africa and Middle East Resources Investment Group LIc (AMERI), for the installation of ten GE TM 2500+ aero derivative gas turbines, operate, maintain, transfer and, the provision of support services between Ghana, Volta River Authority (VRA), AMERI Group LIc., AMERI Energy Power Equipment Trading LIc., Power Projects Insaat Ticaret Limited, Sirketi, and Mytilineos International Trading Company (MITC).

The House again may consider the Commercial Agreement between the Government of Ghana and Sinohydro Corporation Limited for an amount of US$500,000,000 for the construction of Priority Infrastructure Projects (PIP) phase one, under the Master Project Support Agreement (MPSA).

Pursuant to Order 70(2) of the Parliamentary Standing Orders, Ministers of State would be permitted to make Statements of Government policy.

Bills, Papers and Reports would also be presented to the House for First Reading and those of urgent nature would be taken through the various stages in a day in accordance with Order 119 of the Standing Orders.

Motions would also be debated and their consequential Resolutions would be taken in the course of the urgent recall.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi


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