Opuni trial: Second Prosecution Witness Finally discharged


The Second Prosecution Witness in the trial of Dr Stephen Opuni and two others has finally been discharged after over five months of cross-examination.

During the concluding moments of his cross-examination, Dr Arthur said that while working at the Crop Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG), it did not come to his knowledge that Lithovit fertiliser was being distributed to farmers in cocoa growing areas.
In answering a question by Counsel for Mr. Seidu Agongo and Agricult Ghana Limited, Dr Arthur said that he did not complain about Lithovit during the period of 2014 to 2016 because there was no re-evaluation of the Lithovit Foliar fertiliser, and he never saw the fertiliser in any of his field projects.
He also added that there were no complaints from farmers and officers of COCOBOD.
Counsel for Mr Agongo suggested that the farmers had no problem with the Lithovit fertiliser, and that was why no complaint was received, but Dr. Arthur answered in the negative.
“As I indicated, with the sample that was analysed during the 2017 re-evaluation of products for certificate renewal for 2018, the result of the untested Agricult Lithovit Foliar fertiliser plus 5% urea had 0.06% calcium carbonate, as against the 70% of calcium carbonate which the Lithovit fertiliser from Germany is supposed to contain. For Magnesium Carbonate, the sample analysed had 0.86% magnesium carbonate, as against the over 4% magnesium carbonate which the Lithovit fertiliser from Germany is supposed to contain. On the labeling, we saw ‘Made in Germany for Agricult Ghana Limited’, however there was no manufacturer, no manufacturing date and expiry date. So on the basis of this information, we advised management not to renew the certificate for Lithovit Foliar fertiliser for 2018”, he explained.
In November/December 2014  the then executive director of CRIG, Dr. G.J Anim Kwapong did not allow scientists and technical officers to go to the field and re-evaluate COCOBOD approved products, for the 2015 certificates. In the case of Lithovit Foliar fertiliser the certificate was not renewed in 2015. A new certificate with the name Agricult Lithovit fertiliser was issued”, he concluded.
Dr. Alfred Arthur is the Soil Scientists at CRIG who tested the Lithovit Foliar fertiliser manufactured in Germany.
The case has been adjourned to 6th May, 2019.
Source: GhanaJustice/F.Kyeremateng


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