Parliament Ratifies Protocol for the Elimination of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products


Parliament has ratified the Protocol for the Elimination of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products after the adoption of a resolution on the report of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Heath.


The objective of the Protocol is to eliminate all forms of illicit trade in tobacco products, in accordance with Article 15 of the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC).

The Protocol aims at securing the supply chain of tobacco products and protecting people across the World from health risks of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke.

The ratification of the Protocol will enable the Ministry of Health to implement initiatives and Programmes, to help actualise government’s priorities in the Health Sector.

The Protocol would also ensure the control of the supply chain cover licensing, due diligence, record-keeping, security and preventive measures, as well as measures relating to the internet and telecommunication.

It also covers very important matters concerning offences, liability, prosecutions and sanctions, seizure payments and special investigative techniques as well as the disposal and destruction of confiscated products.

Other key provisions address the issue of international co-operation such as measures on information sharing, technical and law enforcement cooperation, protection of sovereignty, jurisdiction, legal and administrative assistance and extradition.

It also establishes the reporting obligations of the parties linked to the reporting system of the WHO FCTC as well as the financial and institutional arrangements necessary for its implementation.

It is anticipated that the Protocol will complement the efforts of the Ministry and its agencies to deliver quality, affordable and equitable healthcare services, to all people leaving in Ghana while ensuring the reduction of revenue losses to government.

It is again expected that the Protocol will reduce the funding of transnational criminal activities.

Ghana has already ratified the WHO FCTC out of which, the Protocol for the Elimination of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products was derived.

Parliment has also passed the Public Health Act since 2012, to tackle issues of tobacco use in the country.

It was therefore, the Committee’s recommendation that the ratification of the Protocol would ensure that citizens are protected from the risks and dangers, that illegitimate trade in Tobacco products and use, pose to the nation.

Ghana led the African Region in negotiating for the development and adoption of the Protocol, and the government through the Ghana Revenue Authority has already implemented most of the provisions, including the introduction of Tax Stamp.

The Protocol for the Elimination of Illicit Trade in Tobacco needs to be ratified so that Ghana would become a Member of the Parties.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi


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