‘Washerman’ stabs ex-lover


Daniel Nunoo, a 38- year old ‘washerman’ who lives at La, has been arraigned before an Accra District Court on the count of ‘attempt to commit murder’.

The Complainant, Charlotte Kai Adjetey, is a 29- year old cook who also lives at La. The Accused and the Complainant were once in a relationship and co-habited. They have a nine- year old child.

Due to the suspect’s consistent abuse of the Complainant, she opted out of the relationship and this did not go down well with the Accused.

On 8th October, 2017, they both attended a funeral party. thereafter, when the Complainant was leaving for her house, the Accused called her to talk to her but she refused to grant him audience.

The Accused grabbed her and stabbed her with an implement which left the Complainant unconscious and bleeding profusely. The Accused then bolted and left her to her fate.

Some ‘good Samaritans’ came to her aid and rushed her to the 37 Military Hospital. She was admitted and resuscitated and surgeries performed on her.

On 18th October, 2017, the Accused was arrested and handed over to the police for investigations. The case is still under investigation.

The plea of the Accused was not taken and the case has been adjourned to 7th November, 2017.


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