21 year old labourer sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for defilement


An Accra Circuit Court has sentenced, Jerome Anlovi, a 21-year old labourer to 10 years imprisonment for defiling a 12- year old.

This was after the Accused person pleaded guilty to the offence.

According to the Prosecutor, Chief Inspector Kofi Atimbire, the Complainant is a businesswoman and the mother of the victim. They live at Adenta Commandos.

The Prosecutor added that the Accused is a labourer and lives in the same vicinity with the Complainant.

Chief Inspector Atimbire said that the Accused person works for the Complainant in her supermarket at Madina.

He explained that the Accused person sometimes slept at the Complainant’s house.

The Prosecutor narrated that on 26th December, 2017, the Complainant saw the victim putting a piece of toilet roll in her pants and when questioned she told her blood was coming from her vagina.

“The complainant, thinking it was her menstruation waited for a month for the victim to menstruate but did not see anything”, the Prosecutor added.

According to Chief Inspector Atimbire, on 11th February, 2018, the Complainant questioned the victim again and the victim told the Complainant, that in 2017, when the Complainant travelled to her hometown,  the Accused came to their house in the evening to watch television with her in their living room, whilst her other siblings were asleep.  The Accused person had sexual intercourse with her and warned her not to inform anybody about it.

According to the Prosecutor a report was made to the Police on 12th February, 2018, and a medical report form was issued to the Complainant to take the victim to the hospital to be examined and treated which she did. The Accused was later arrested and arraigned before court on the charge of defilement.

Source: Ghanajustice/F.Kyeremanteng


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