Akua Donkor files writ to get President and Veep to step down

Photo Credit: ultimatefmonline.com

Mame Akua Donkor a.k.a ‘Enye Nono’ has filed a writ at the registry of the Supreme Court, praying for an order directed at the Attorney General to advise the President and his Vice to step down.


The Plaintiff claimed that she had the opportunity to watch the investigative documentary on the Ghana Football Association and in the said video, Mr. Nyantakyi made it clear to the supposed investor, how the investor could be given several government contracts if he pays bribes to some government officials including the President and the Vice- President.

The Plaintiff avers that in the said video, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi made it clear to the supposed investor that Chinese investors saw their way through Ghana to do investments through payments of bribes to key government officials mentioned by Mr. Nyantakyi.

According to the Ghana Freedom Party flagbearer, the Chinese nationals are in Ghana doing business and that it is perfectly true that the President and his Vice have something to do with the allegations levelled against Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi with regards to bribing before contracts are awarded to investors.

According Mame Akua Donkor, the President and his Vice have always relied on investigations by investigative journalist Anas Aremyaw Anas and these investigations have led to the sanctioning of some Custom Officers in the country as well as some judges.

According to the Plaintiff, to be fair and unbiased in carrying out investigations into the incidence where Kwesi Nyantakyi is at the centre of controversies, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and his Vice, Mahamudu Bawumia, must immediately step down from their post as President and Vice President before the truth is revealed, since their names were mentioned in the said corruption video.

In conclusion, Mame Akua Donkor avers that the Supreme Court should compel or order the defendant; the Attorney General, to advise the President and Vice President to step down from the highest seat to allow fair investigations to be conducted into the investigative documentary by Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

The Attorney General is yet to respond to the suit.

Source: GhanaJustice/F.Kyerematen