The Supreme Court in a unanimous decision has dismissed the National Cathedral case.

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According to the seven-member panel, the case does not raise any legitimate issue of interpretation and enforcement of the Constitution.

The Court added that the support of the government does not imply that the state is discriminating against other religious groups.
The ruling as read by Her Ladyship, Justice Sophia Adinyira, held that the State’s involvement  in the Hajj pilgrimages and the National Cathedral, would bring about unity and social cohesion, since Christians and Muslims are of a greater percentage of the country’s population.
In the year 2018, Mr. James Bomfeh, a leading member of the Convention People’s Party, filed a writ, questioning the government’s involvement in religion as it sought to construct a National Cathedral and had also set up a Hajj Committee, which may result in Ghana becoming a religious state.
Source: GhanaJustice/F.Kyeremateng


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