New standing orders to open committee meetings to public hearing


The Honourable Minority Leader and Member of Parliament for Tamale South, Haruna Iddrisu has hinted that the new standing orders being worked on by Parliament, which is at the editing stage, would open up other committees to the public in their line of work, apart from the three committees meetings that are open to the public namely the Parliament Public Account Committee, Appointment Committee of Parliament and the Government Assurance Committee.


He disclosed this to journalists who cover Parliament at a media encounter with  the leadership of Parliament.

Mr. Haruna Iddrisu pointed out that leadership of the House together with the Speaker, Professor Mike Aaron Ocquaye are working hard to strengthen workings of the committees, to enhance the public’s appreciation of the workings of the various committees.

In his statement, he indicated that “when committee works are held on the quite, the public would question the justification for awarding funds to committees to carry out their work, hence the reason why we ask for memorandum from the public when considering a Bill”.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi