Centralisation of funds is avenue for corruption

Photo Credit: .socialistinternational.org

The Honourable Deputy Minority Chief Whip and Member of Parliament for Banda, Ibrahim Ahmed is questioning government directives asking that eighty percent of the approved District Assemblies Common Fund be brought to Central government.


According him, such practice is an avenue for corruption. He urged government to send back all funds meant for the local assemblies for their developmental projects.

He further pointed out that the needs of the local assemblies differ and such differences in needs call for different approaches.

He indicated that people in Kumasi may be using computers but those in Kpandi or Banda may use their bare hands to practice double clicking.

In his statement, he reiterated that, “they are doing double clicking on computer without even touching the computer physically. They need money to respond to their needs at the local level. The little money given to the assemblies, government passes through the back door and wants to take it. We would not allow government to take away eighty percent. We would not allow that to happen after passing the DAC”.

He questioned why government would be deciding for the local Assemblies, after creating the Northern Development Authority, Middle and the Costal belt.

He added that government is confused because there is no money for its flagship programmes and wants to take away funds approved meant for the District Assemblies.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi