Clerk of Parliament calls for discipline at workplaces


The Clerk of Ghana’s Parliament, Mr. Emmanuel Anyimadu, has urged Ghanaian workers to exercise a great deal of discipline to enable them manage time effectively, in order to overcome the negative effects of stress for greater productivity at the workplace.


Addressing participants made up of heads of departments and agencies drawn from selected public institutions, at the end of a four day training session on Effective Time and Stress Management by the Parliamentary Training Institute, the Clerk to Parliament, reiterated that well disciplined staff at various places of work, especially, in the public sector are necessary assets for the development of the country.

“If you are disciplined, you will concentrate on your work and finish on time. If you are disciplined, you will be able to overcome stress. Discipline results in productivity”, he said.

He also charged heads of institutions to develop administrative structures where they are lacking, to help manage stress and time in the conduct of their work.

This he said, will help them overcome the challenge of ‘cutting corners’, that may end up piling up unnecessary stress on them.

In making his statement, Mr. Anyimadu noted that due to his disciplined nature, he is able to plan his life and work schedules, giving priority to the things that matter and working with laid down procedures.

Sharing his personal experience on how he effectively manages his time and the stress associated with the conduct of his work in a political environment, the Clerk emphasised the need for managers at all levels to follow laid down rules and regulations.

Mr. Anyimadu indicated that discipline is the secret to his success in life.

In his concluding statement, Mr. Anyimadu advised participants that “obedience to rules help a lot. If you want to be successful, obey rules”.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi


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