Seventh Parliament resumes for the Third Session


The Seventh Parliament has resumed for its First Meeting of the Third Session, to transact businesses of the House.


The House is expected to work on a number of draft legislation including Bills, Constitutional Instruments, Legislative Instruments, Motions, Referrals as well as Directives from the Speaker of Parliament.

The House is expected to consider various Bills that would be laid at the Plenary and subsequent referral to the respective Standing and Select Committees.

New Bills to be presented

The House would be presented with the Ghana Technology University College Bill, 2019, Business Regulatory Reform Bill, 2019, Local Content Bill, 2019, Consumer Protection Bill, 2019, Corporate Insolvency Bill, 2019, National Road Safety Agency Bill, 2019, Affirmative Action Bill, 2019, National Sports College Bill, 2019, Disability Bill, 2019, Ageing Bill, 2019, among others.

Bills before some selected Committees

The Third Session of the Seventh Parliament will continue to work on some existing Bills at the various Committees.

Bills before the various Parliamentary Committees include the Public Holidays Bill, 2018, the Library Services Bill, 2018, Land Bill, 2018, Industrial Designs (Amendment) Bill, 2018, Patents (Amendment) Bill, 2018, Intestate Succession Bill, 2018, Ghana Cocoa Board (Amendment) Bill, 2017, Ghana Book Development Agency Bill, 2018 and the Technical Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2017.

Bills at the Plenary

Four Bills are currently at the Plenary for Second Reading and the Consideration Stage, respectively.

The Company Bill, 2018 and the chartered Institute of Bankers Bill, 2018 are at the Plenary for the Second Reading.

On the other hand, the Right to Information Bill, 2018 and the Payment System and Services Bill, 2018 are at the Consideration Stage.

Instruments to be presented

The House would be presented with twenty-five Constitutional and Legislative Instruments during the First Meeting of the Third Session.

Currently, there are two existing Instruments at the Committee level and reports are expected to be presented at the Plenary during the First Meeting of the Third Session.

Papers, Motions and Referrals

Forty-one Papers are expected to be presented at the Plenary for deliberations.

Five Motions have also been tabled for debate, and eighty other Referral of Bills have been made to the various Committees.

State of the Nation Address

The President of the Republic, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is expected to present the State of the Nation Address to the House during the Meeting.

The Address is expected to capture the economic status of the country as well as performance of the Macro-economic indicators on key sectors of the economy.

The address again, is expected to cover the key policies as well as social intervention programmes of the government.

Source: Ghanajustice/S.Ayisi


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