Ghana played a pivotal role in America’s civil rights movement – Mrs. Pelosi

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The Speaker of the United States of America’s Congress, Mrs. Nancy Patricia Pelosi, has stated that Ghana played a pivotal role in America’s civil rights movement in addressing the problem of discrimination.


Mrs. Pelosi indicated that Ghana’s contribution towards America’s civil rights movement served as the spiritual symbol and a source of great hope in the fight against discrimination and segregation.

Making remarks on the floor of Parliament on the remembrance of a four-hundred years of slave trade in Ghana, the Speaker of the US Congress stated that the World depends on Ghana, to be a force to advance justice.

She told the House that justice is the foundation of hope, and that Ghana and America must ensure that every person particularly, the young people must have hope in the future.

Mrs. Pelosi reiterated that America applauds Ghana for combating climate crisis, which is the existential threat to the World.

“We salute your leadership in the Paris Climate Accord, and the work you have done, to lower emissions, increase use of renewables and advance climate resilience in your communities”, he added.

She continued that Ghana stands as a shining star on the African continent in exporting security beyond it’s borders, and a model of a thriving democracy for the World.

Mrs. Pelosi urged the government to do more, to diversify economies and encourage trade throughout the continent, so that the country can create the regional security and stability necessary to achieve prosperity across West Africa.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi


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