Aggrieved NSS personnel petition CHRAJ over compulsory insurance deduction


A group of concerned national service personnel on Monday petitioned the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to haul the National Service Secretariat (NSS) before it for allegedly violating their fundamental human rights and also for abuse of power by the secretariat.

The group says the NSS has entered into a “joint looting agreement” with GLICO, an insurance company on behalf of all service personnel for monthly deductions of GH¢15 without their consent.

The National Service Secretariat on November 29, this year in a communique instructed all regional NSS directors to ensure the deduction of GH¢15 each from the allowance of personal starting from November.

Below is the full petition


Dear Sir,


We the undersigned are citizens of Ghana and are currently undergoing our mandatory National services as enshrined in the National Service Act1980 (ACT 426) of Ghana. It is in the collective interest of the Republic of Ghana that is why we have taking it uponourselves to officially drag National service secretariat before the commission for investigation into the following
I. A breach and violation of our fundamental human right as enshriend in Article 21 clause (e) of the 1992 constitution of Ghana
II. Abuse of power and unfair treatment by the National service secretariat against us National service Personnel.

The above which is a joint looting agreement that has been entered on our behalf without our consent as service personnel between GLICO, an insurance company and the National service secretariat for monthly deduction of ghc 15 from our allowance towards an insurance policy that is seeking to bind each and every National Service person paid by the National service secretariat of which our consent have not been sought by those behind the implementation of this fraudulent policy.

On the 29th November, 2017, the National service boss in a communique instructed all Regional NSS directors to ensure the deduction of ghc 15 each from the allowance of Personnel starting from November. The evidence of this is contained in the archives of on 29th of November, 2017. This decision as we are told is for the welfare and benefit of every National Service person but as we speak, our colleagues whose allowances are not paid by NSS have been exempted from this policy. We are therefore of the firm believe that, this policy is discriminatory and has no legal backing to that effect aside how dubious and fraudulent it is with clear intentions to milk the ordinary Service Persons in such a criminal manner. This policy is tainted with fraud and the paragraph below is our stands.

I. This was not stated in our appointment letters which gave birth to our legitimate service that we are currently undergoing with legal backing emanated from the National Service Scheme Act.
II. That, we are not preview to the terms and conditirons of this contract that has been entered on our behalf by NSS without our consent or mandate.
III. That, the mandatory deduction of allowance is not grounded in law
IV. That, the compulsion with regards to the deduction infringes on our freedom as enshrined in Article 21 clause (e) of the constitution of Ghana because no law imposes association on citizens in a complete absent of their freewill and for that being a National service person is not and cannot be an automatic definition of being a member of National service Personnel Association in whose name we are told this fraudulent policy emanated from and under implementation by GLICO and NSS respectively.
V. That, the said policy undermines the letter and spirit of “freedom to join associations as stated in an explicit provision of Article 21 clause (e) of the highest law of the land.
VI. It is also our contention that, since this is not grounded in any law , such a move by NSS constitute an abuse of office by those whose names have been mentioned in this petition as managers of NSS and hence ought to be struck out

The above bulletins are reasons why we vehemently object to this fraudulent extortion couched under a purported insurance policy by the National service secretariat. We are verily aware and believe same to be true that, the Commission on Human Right and Administrative Justice will look into this criminal conduct by mangers of the National service scheme hereinafter Mr. Mustapha Ussif and Mr. Henry Nana Boakye. It is also our prayer that,the National service secretariat will be directed to halt the implementation of this policy until the substantive matter before the commission is determined in order to avert any unrepairable damage that may arise as a result of the implementation of this policy.

Thank You
Yours in the service of God and country
Dawda Eric
Ghana Audit Service
Sefwi Wiawso Municipal
Tel: 0541695811
Ntenhene Felix
Accra Metro
Tel: 0246246189
Akoeshihu Anthony
Jasikan District
Tel: 0544764019
Gabriel Kofi Akpah
Techiman Municipal Assembly
Tel: 0247929779
Aboyinga Tahiru
Sunyani Municipal Assembly
Tel: 05477737721
Ankrah Gideon
Kumasi Metro
Tel: 0204548293/0553415118
Nana Yaa Agyeiwah
Sefwi Wiaso
Tel: 0544600659/02744408373
Brandy Grace Laryea
Tel: 0208075895
Nyuah Joachim
Sunyani Municipal Assembly
Tel: 0245921275
Peter Mensah
Dormaa Central
Tel: 0240910855
Nkrumah Ziggy
Tel: 0249094812
Offei Isaac
Tel: 0246781099


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