David Awattey a.k.a. Rambo, a 31-year old trader has been arraigned before an Accra Circuit Court on charges of abduction and rape.
The Accused person pleaded ‘not guilty’ to both counts.
According to the Prosecutor, the Complainant, Awenka Amaali is an estate agent who lived at Abeka, Mantseman. He is the father of the victim, who is a 15-year old JHS student.
The Prosecutor narrated that the victim paid frequent visits to a friend who lives in the same vicinity with the Accused. She sometimes runs errands for the Accused.
He explained that in June 2017, the victim as usual visited her friend and the Accused lured her into his room and had sexual intercourse with her. Since that incident, the Accused had had sex with her on several occasions. He sometimes kept her in his room overnight.
According to the Prosecutor, on 5th January, 2018, the victim left the house on reasons best known to her. The Accused saw the victim around the neighborhood, lured the victim into his room, had sexual intercourse with her and kept her in the room where they lived as husband and wife.
According to the prosecution, the Complainant and his family members were searching for the victim but all to no avail.
The Prosecutor explained that the Complainant had a tip-off that the victim was living with the Accused.
Subsequently, the Complainant reported the matter to Accra Regional DOVVSU.
According to the Prosecutor, with the assistance of the Alfa Swat Police Patrol Team, the Accused was traced and arrested at Abeka on 15th January 2018, and the victim was also rescued and handed over to the Complainant.
The Complainant was issued a Police medical report form to send the victim to the hospital for examination and treatment.
Investigations revealed that the Accused unlawfully kept the victim for eight days and prevented her from returning to her parents.

SOURCE: Ghanajustice/F.Kyeremanteng


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