MPs abandoned Parliament for funeral – Lambuse MP


The Honourable Member of Parliament for Lambuse, Mr. Edward Dery Ewula, has lamented over the absence of majority of MPs on the majority side on the floor of Parliament to attend the funeral of the late Appiah Menka in Kumasi.

According to the Lambuse legislator only 15 members of the majority side of the House were in the chamber conducting business.

He further drew the Speakers attention that it is about time serious concern is raised about attendance to the House to do business.

Expressing his sentiment, he stated on the floor of the house that “If you do not want to do business, we would start raising issues of quorum and we would not do any business on the floor of the House. We cannot have 169 and only 15 members from the majority side would be sitting here to conduct business”.

Deputy Majority Whip, Mathew Nyindam on his part noted that leadership of the House are concerned about the attendance to the House to do business, but that of Thursday had to do with a funeral in Kumasi.

He added that both the Majority and Minority leadership had to attend this important funeral but does not mean business in the House is not important.

He again hinted the House that much should be done to get members to attend to business in Parliament.


Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi