Police Officer and Military man arrested for robbery

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The Greater Accra Regional Police Command has arrested a police officer, Lance Corporal Isaac Amedzor, a military officer, Bernard Tsagli and an accomplice, Danso Ofori for alleged robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. The three suspects have been charged with four counts of robbery and conspiracy.

The prosecuting officer, Victor Dosoo at the Accra Circuit Court presided over by His Honour, Mr. Aboagye Tandoh in the brief fact read that on 20th February 2018, the Complainant, Aisha Hussein went to Global Access Bank at Lapas branch and withdrew a cash sum of GH₵4,000. Immediately she came out of the bank, the police officer and the military man armed with weapons arrested her into a waiting taxi, amidst threat and drove her away. She was later brought to a spot near the Accra Regional Police Headquarters and was later taken to the National Police Headquarters, where the Accused persons subjected her to severe beatings. They forcibly took from her the GH₵4,000 which she withdrew from the bank and later abandoned her at the same place. On 31st March 2018, police intelligence led to the arrest of the accused persons and those who attacked and robbed the complainant.

On 20th February 2018 at about 1:30pm, the second complainant went to the Osu branch of the Standard Chartered Bank to withdraw cash amount of GH₵59,000.00 for his business activities. The money was kept in a black polythene. When he stepped out of the bank premises and had walked about thirty minutes, the third accused, Danso Ofori alighted from a waiting taxi and told the second complainant that police wanted to see him. Immediately he got closer to the taxi, the police slapped him and pushed him inside the waiting taxi and they sped of amidst threats and beatings. The first accused who was then in a police uniform told him he was under arrest and that they were sending him to the National Police Headquarters near Osu but the taxi bypassed the police headquarters towards the Cantonments area. On their way, second accused who was by then in a military uniform joined them in the taxi at a section of the road at Cantonments. They sent him to a nearby bush where the first accused, second accused and the their accomplice brutally assaulted him by using their gun butt to hit his head and other parts of his body several times until he became very weak and vulnerable. Thereafter, they forcibly took the GH₵59,000 kept in the black polythene bag from him.They then sped off.

The second complainant was rushed to the hospital for treatment and a complaint was lodged with the police.

On 25th April 2018, the second complainant read publication on Ghanaweb.com, where the three accused were reported to have been arrested in a robbery case in a similar manner. On the same date in the presence of the regional crime officer in Accra, second complainant identified the first accused, by a scar on his right shoulder, second accused as the military officer and the third accused by his deep speech voice.

Upon interrogation, all the three accused persons admitted the offences and further stated they all shared a booty of GH₵5,000 each, being the amount of money taken from second complainant. Investigations are still ongoing.

Counsel for the three accused pleaded for bail but the court declined the bail application. The case was adjourned to 21st May, 2018.


Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi