Family Members of Kwabenya jail breakers, clash with policeman in court.


Some family members of Accused persons in the Kwabenya Jailbreak case which led to the death of a police officer, had a heated argument with a police officer on duty in an Accra Circuit Court today.

The family members wanted to step out of court with the Accused persons while they were being escorted out of court after the day’s proceedings.

To ensure discipline and decorum, the police officer ordered the family members wait for the Accused persons to step out first. This did not go down well with some of the family members as one accused the police officer of pushing her.  This generated a heated argument and exchange of words between them.

It took the intervention of another police officer and other family members of the Accused persons, to bring the situation under control.

The case has been adjourned to 20th March, 2018.

SOURCE: Ghanajustice/F.Kyeremanteng



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