The Attorney General’s Department lacks A4 sheets

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Deputy Special Prosecutor nominee, Jane Cynthia Naa Koshie Lamptey appearing before the Appointments Committee presided over by Hon. Joseph Osei has expressed worry about how the Attorney General’s Department is facing financial and human resource challenges.

She said that the Attorney General’s Department is seriously under-financed and if authorities do not pay much attention to such sensitive department of the State, it may affect the effectiveness of ensuring quality justice delivery.

She again indicated that the Attorney General’s Department is not able to prosecute as expected due to lack of basic tools and facilities. During the vetting process, Madam Lamptey indicated that basic necessity such as A4 sheets for printing are inadequate and she buys her own sheets for printing.

Appearing before the committee, she again said that the Attorney General’s Department cannot deliver effective prosecution timeously because there are inadequate lawyers to carry out prosecutions. The difficulty and the poor state of the Attorney General’s Department have discouraged most lawyers to work in the department. She advised that Government must therefore pay attention to the Department and resource it adequately to ensure effective prosecution without delays.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi