We are not paying for work not done – Communications Minister to Parliament


Following a summon by Parliament on the issue of Common Platform for Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring (CPM), the Minister for Communication and Member of Parliament for Ablekuma West Constituency has stated on the floor of Parliament that the ministry is not paying for no work done. She mentioned that the current contract is not a duplication of any existing contract. She further said that the mobile money interoperability platform of the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GHIPSS) monitors transactions between two or more telecommunications companies and banks but does not monitor transactions on one network.


In her statement, she indicated that the CPM will provide real time monitoring of all Traffic volumes on all networks. She again said that the monitoring system is currently conducting anti-fraud testing and all operators are to be connected within a month. She followed this statement with caution that any service operator that fails to be connected to the system within the provided time frame would be sanctioned in accordance with the law.

She revealed to the House that there is a five year US$89 million contract, which may be renewed subject to the stated conditions being fulfilled.

She again added that the establishment of the Common Platform will enhance collaboration between Ghana Revenue Authority and National Communications Authority for the monitoring of government revenues in the communications sector.

In her presentation of the statement, she noted that “the monitoring mechanism will not intrude on the content of traffic being transmitted or interfere with the network infrastructure of the telecommunications company”.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi