Burglars stole Payment Vouchers and left money – Dr. Adu

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre, Dr. Agnes Adu, has stated that burglars broke into the office of the Chief Accountant of the Trade Fair Centre and stole Payment Vouchers (PVs), believed to contain information on some payments made.


She explained that the burglars broke into the office in 2016 and stole some Payment Vouchers and surprisingly, left monies meant for the Centre.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts, Dr. Adu indicated that the Centre is concerned about the developments under the previous administration.

She reiterated a well-meaning Ghanaian would be astonished to hear that burglars broke into an office and stole Payment Vouchers rather than monies.

Dr. Adu explained that after the burglary happened, the La District Police Command took over the matter and started an investigation.

She pointed out that no further account documents exist on the disbursement of some monies under the previous administration of the Centre.

Dr. Adu indicated that before the burglary happened, there was a misappropriation of some GH¢300,000 under the previous administration of the former CEO of the Centre.

She revealed to the Committee that the former CEO has been called by the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO), to assist in investigations on the GH¢300,000 misappropriated funds and the stolen Payment Vouchers by burglars.

She disclosed that her presence at the Centre has caused a lot of transformation, and that she had cleared majority of outstanding debts of the Centre.

“I have turned things around in the Centre. Things are now working at the Trade Fair Centre and we have started filing our returns. Our clients have increased and outstanding utility bills have been cleared”, she disclosed.

2016 Auditor- General’s Report

According to the 2016 Auditor- General’s Report, The Ghana International Trade Fair Centre was cited on an account of a burglary that happened at the office of the Chief Accountant of the Centre.

In the A-Gs, report, it was revealed that Payments Vouchers (PVs) and other relevant accounting documents of the Centre other than monies accumulated and kept in the office were stolen by the burglars.

The report showed that the incident was reported to the La District Police Command on April 11, 2016 for investigations.

The report revealed that the burglary happened after the Centre was cited by the Auditor-General for misappropriation of funds and unaccounted emergency expenses of the Centre.

The Auditor-General cited the former accountant of the Centre for misappropriation of funds of GH¢37,000 contrary to the Financial Administration Regulations, 2004, (LI 1802).

The Auditor-General recommended a surcharge of the former Chief Accountant of the Centre.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi


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