Do not appoint ministers from parliament – Clara Kasser Tee


Mrs. Clara Beeri Kasser-Tee, a lecturer at the GIMPA Law School has argued that Ministers appointed from Parliament by the President as mandated by Article 78 clause 1 is detrimental to democracy.

She said that this breeds the lack of willingness to exercise power by parliamentarians who put their party first.

This act of loyalty to the executive, clearly affects parliamentary oversight of the executive leading to conflict of interest as prescribed in Article 78 clause 3(a) and (b).

Mrs Kasser-Tee was speaking at a public forum on parliamentary oversight and good governance, organised by the Centre for Social Democracy (CSD -Ghana) on Wednesday.

She said the Power of Contempt vested in the hands of parliamentarians must be redirected to ensuring the achievement of Article 106 of accountability to the people.

Mrs Kasser- Tee recommended that parliament as part of their oversight functions must take stock of state institutions and ensure that they act according to their functions and refuse budgets that are not justified.

She also suggested that parliamentarians should have secretariats that take stock of non-confidential votes and decisions they make on behalf of the people in order to be accountable to the electorates.



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