I will resign if sidelined- Deputy Special Prosecutor threatens

Photo credit: myjoyonline.com

In a clear statement, Deputy Special Prosecutor Madam Cynthia Lamptey has vowed to resign if her boss, Mr. Martin Amidu or anyone decides to sideline or interfere while she executes her duties, if given the nod.

She made this statement on the floor of the Appointments Committee of Parliament when she was being vetted for the post.

She indicated that “If I am sidelined I will resign because I am not put there for cosmetics. I am put to that office to work and anyone who undermines and interferes in my role as the Deputy Special Prosecutor, I’ll resign”. Cynthia Lamptey reiterated her resolve to resign if her duties are interfered with.

The Deputy Special Prosecutor also espoused the principles of integrity which she said must be brought to bear in public office. According to her, she has never taken a bribe in her 29-years’ experience as a lawyer in public service making her one of the most suitable persons to act as Deputy Prosecutor.

The nominee was the former acting Director of Public Prosecutions at the Attorney General’s Department and had worked with Martin Amidu who was at a time the Attorney-General under the John Mills-led government.

Madam Cynthia Naa Koshie Lamptey also vowed to fight the canker of conflict of interest in Ghana’s public service if she is confirmed. As a commitment to dealing with the menace, Madam Lamptey said she will not employ any relative or person likely to compromise her position.

After about two hours of vetting, members of the Appointment Committee have decided unanimously, to approve her nomination. She will, however, be officially approved at the plenary when the members of the committee submit their report.

The office was created by the Akufo-Addo administration as one of the vehicles for fighting corruption in public service.

The Special Prosecutor, Mr. Amidu who she will deputise, has since been vetted and sworn in even though there is a Supreme Court case challenging his appointment on the basis of his age.

The new office requires people who are strong and independent, capable of prosecuting corruption cases without the interference of any authority, organs of government or any political official.

Source: GhanaJustice/S.Ayisi